Creating environments

of health & well-being

for individuals,

organizations &


D Group works with start-ups to Fortune 500 Businesses and Federal Agencies worldwide.

Our effort is in providing quality work that creates client transformation through:

  • Health & wellness – being your best!
  • Leaders & organizations – outperforming your market!
  • Research & human performance – creating sustainable change!

Our energy is uplifting, our concepts worth sharing & our world inclusive!


Wellness 7.0 is our holistic approach to transforming health and well-being.

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Individuals find it fun, functional and helps them become their absolute best – inside and out. We believe that with the right tools the body has an innate ability to heal itself.


What is the winning combination of improving lives, reducing costs and attracting talented employees? Let us help assess needs, recommend best practices and chart the results.

Military Readiness

Are you mission ready? We take a warrior where he/she is currently and use the appropriate tools to impact mental, physical, and spiritual readiness with the necessary fuel and rest required. Check your six!


Where wellness integrates with medicine! Who wants to go through illness to get back to excellent health? So, if we have our health now, how do we keep it? Looking back on wellness practices 2,500 years ago we find the answers.


What do I know? What do I need to know? How can I use my knowledge, skills, and abilities as a transferable asset for career growth?

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Define your success… customize your learning… be the author of your intellect!


Customized Sessions


Instructional Design
Experiential Learning
Career Paving


Training Leaders
Changing Behaviors
Enhancing Performance
Creating Transformation


Professional Development
Workforce & Trades
Small Groups


What is the need? How do I solve? What tools are available? It’s a combination of three things – people, process and performance.

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Did you know HR is a profit center? Yes, it knows all the needs, helps to procure resources for research, human performance, health and well-being and measures sustainable change.


Process helps people and organizations function best using systems, protocols or guidelines! We use a variety of tools to solve the need.


Performance as measured through employees or company initiatives: Experiencing growth, sustainable change? Have the study recommendations, made a difference? Are the new Standard Operating Procedures working?