Kelly Spivey is a LISTENER. She takes the time to listen, review, and evaluate available information. From there, a mutually, agreed upon PLAN is developed. Dr. Spivey has a diverse background that has touched all corners of fitness. Her expertise makes her well-versed in “all things fitness”.

The PLAN may focus on a personal lifestyle that requires a variety of health coaching modalities;
The PLAN may be for a comprehensive education and training program for professional staff;
The PLAN may be for a large-scale fitness and wellness center; and
The PLAN may incorporate all the above!

Here is what you should know about Dr. Kelly Spivey. After several professional jobs working in Commercial Recreation, she went back to school to earn a degree in Fitness Management. She managed several Aquatic Therapy programs and then ventured into Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab. She grew tired of working on the back end of prevention and opened up three medically-based wellness centers. One facility was in a 55+ community and the other two were in a business district, supporting corporate wellness initiatives.

Dr. Spivey put her doctorate in Natural Health to work as a subject matter expert for ACE and NASM, authoring chapters for a variety of personal training certifications. She currently teaches at the University of Tampa in the Health Science and Human Performance Department. Additionally, she provides fitness equipment solutions for all commercial markets, ranging from facility design and layout, to equipment selection, fitness programming and staff training.

Dr. Spivey lives in Florida with her husband, has two grown sons active in the U.S. Armed Forces and proud to introduce her first grandson, Colton Spivey.