Nancy Gillette, MA

Ms. Gillette has developed leadership consultation strategies for private and public-funded organizations for over 35 years. She has transformed clients’ visions into success with attributes of communications mastery, leadership, team building, along with an intuitive ability in talent management and up-skill!

Clients include U.S. Armed Forces, universities, entertainment media groups, non-profits and training institutes. Supporting clients has taken her to five continents delivering services and working with various populations of culture, diversity and language.

As an author, teacher, coach and spokesperson, Ms. Gillette has written for USA Today, Consumers Digest, Shape, American Fitness and spoken on radio talk shows concerning health, fitness, lifestyle and motivation. She has produced textbooks, magazine articles, videos and innovative curriculums applying her subject matter expertise.

Ms. Gillette’s conferrals include a M.A. University of Southern California Education, Adapted Physical Education, B.A. University of Southern California Major: Physical Education Minor: Mathematics, two California State Teaching Credentials, University of Southern California and Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, CA Psychology / Counseling Graduate Studies.

Balancing career with lifestyle she is a stone sculptor, multi-sports athlete, soccer, golf and skiing coach, the mother of three sons, and military mom to her eldest US Air Force officer.