Sanja Basaric provides a range of program support and management services for the Federal Government — business development, program management, strategic operations and compliance. She has provided a long-standing history of quality services across multiple agencies including National Institutes of Health, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, US Food and Drug Administration, and Veterans Affairs. Services success includes working in fields of genomics, translational science, health IT security, e-learning applications management systems, and wellness.

Sanja is a skilled communicator with a proven track record of successfully representing organizations to both internal and external stakeholders. Throughout my work in the life sciences and healthcare fields I have direct and recent experience in leading, designing, and implementing programs, policies, and initiatives to help improve process, increase accountability, drive growth, and ultimately advance the life sciences and healthcare fields.

Sanja is founder and owner of SVB Consulting, is an outspoken advocate for advancing women in the workplace, combating gender discrimination, expanding STEM education, and harnessing the power of diversity and inclusion.