Beyond EI-Trusting Your Gut! (Online)

Webinar | 90-mins | 100 Participants


Overview: Understanding the components of Emotional Intelligence [EI] and how to implement this tool at work is the first step, but how can EI assist participants in stepping out of their comfort zone? Is there a way to enhance this technique to lead meetings, aspire towards a promotion, attain a stronger self-efficacy or fulfilling an impossible dream? Learn the practice of gaining uses & benefits of EI in Trusting Your Gut, while sharing thoughts & getting answers!

  • Comprehend the concept of Emotional Intelligence.
  • Identify how Emotional Intelligence can enhance leadership styles & relationships.
  • Learn what trusting your gut means, even if you cannot rationally explain it to yourself or a colleague.

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Target Audience

All personnel




90 Minutes

Max Participants

100 Participants