Change Management (Online)

Webinar | Online | 90 Minutes | 100 Participants | 1.5 Credits
Price: $2,495

Webinar | Online | 4 Hours  | Small Groups of 10 | 4 Credits
Price: $599

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Overview: Within industry as in life, change is inevitable. It is important to understand our preferences for change, as well as how our organization is set-up to respond to change. Behaviors associated with change stem from our personalities, knowledge to address situations, ability to read individuals and articulate the appropriate responses. Techniques and experiential learning activities will align with four areas: (1) understanding change, (2) planning change, (3) managing resistance to change, and (4) implementing change.

Upon completion of the course, participants will:

  • Understand the change continuum in relationship to individual personality preferences.
  • Discern individuals’ preferred style in approaching change.
  • Gain feedback from classmates on a participant’s change management style.
  • Learn and apply effective communications strategies in addressing change prior to, during and upon conclusion of the change management event.
  • Develop a successful change road map for self and team.

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Target Audience

All personnel




90 Minutes, 4 Hours

Max Participants

10 Participants, 100 Participants

CPE Credits Available