Personal Fitness Training for Healthy Aging and Enhanced Lifestyle (On-Site)

On-site | 8-hours | AV | Classroom 25 Participants



Overview: The ability to enjoy an active and independent lifestyle well into the later years depends to a large degree on how well we maintain our personal fitness levels. With aging, the focus tends to shift from disease prevention to maintaining functional mobility—staying strong, active, and independent.

In this session, we will cover key topics that will have you thinking and moving for better function and everyday performance. Topics begin with a foundation of balance and move through improving areas of flexibility, strength, speed, agility, and power. There is more to fitness than sweat! Learn how to finesse and apply these key topics into your personal fitness training.

  • Discuss the relationship between flexibility and balance — why are these important?
  • Learn the strength & power moves to preserve muscle & prevent age-related atrophy (muscle loss).
  • Discover how to optimize brain/body coordination through speed, agility, and quickness (SAQ) training.

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Target Audience

All personnel




8 Hours

Max Participants

25 Participants