Resistance Training; The Key to Strong, Mid-Life Muscles That Never Sleep (Online)

Online | 90 mins | 100 Participants



Overview: Are you as strong as you would like to be? Let us introduce to you lifting weights as a woman‘s body-changing solution appropriate for everyone! Women experiencing changes during mid-life, enjoy getting stronger using simple strength training techniques helpful in managing health and well-being. 

This session is designed to dispel myths that typically discourage women from embracing this beneficial fitness programming. Learn the science behind strength training and how it can positively affect well-being. Strength training is necessary to improve metabolism and body composition. This program will teach you how strength training can improve muscle quality, hormone balance, and nutrition absorption.

  • Discuss the changing female body as it relates to midlife and how to maintain healthy hormones, bones, hearts and so much more!
  • Understand muscle training and try programs designed to increase muscle fibers.
  • Design practical programs to help women become stronger and better control of their health.

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All personnel




90 Minutes

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100 Participants