Tell Me Exactly What to Say: Networking Conversation Guide (On-Site)


On-site Group| 4-hours | AV | Classroom up to 50 Participants | 3.6 CPE Credits

Overview: This session will take you from reluctant networker to successful connector within your organization. Participants will learn to recognize and avoid some of the biggest mistakes in networking and learn how to accelerate the process of creating long-term, powerful connections. While theory provides the foundation of conceptual understanding, practice creates the connection within you. This session will provide the opportunity to learn and practice the skills to be flawless in your delivery and networking efforts.

  • Develop a strong networking mindset.
  • Locate increased opportunities for strategic partnership.
  • Develop conversation skills to that make a lasting connection.
  • Go beyond first meetings to develop long-term, give-and-take professional relationships.

Additional information

Target Audience

Customer service, Finance, Human resources, Information technologies




4 Hours

Max Participants

50 Participants

CPE Credits Available