The Reluctant Networker’s Guide to Survival and Success at Your Next Business Gathering (On-Site)


On-site Group | 4-hours | AV | Classroom up to 50 Participants | 3.6 CPE Credits

Overview: What is one major reason people fail at networking? Answer is: They are a “no” show! This coupled with being uncomfortable (sometimes panic-stricken) moves a person to quickly dismiss the idea. This is a hands-on, interactive program presented in a safe environment to learn and practice the tools, tips, and techniques that will make you look forward to and succeed at your next networking event.

  • Reduce reluctance with easy-to implement networking systems.
  • Identify the best networking opportunities on all levels. Your time is limited!
  • Get the networking results by being prepared for critically important questions.
  • Practice tactics to gain agile abilities in networking groups.
  • Be the first to start authentic conversations no matter the audience or event.

Additional information

Target Audience

Customer service, Finance, Human resources, Information technologies




4 Hours

Max Participants

50 Participants

CPE Credits Available