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Our Environment: 45 Sustainable Resources You Need to Know

D Group Consulting Services (2020)

Many aspects of modern life are affected by the current problems facing the environment. As we learn more about how human behavior is harming the planet, we are creating new ways to educate, reflect, and innovate. This resource features 45 noteworthy resources on sustainability.

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Military Readiness: Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic Care

D Group Consulting Services (2020)

The brain stem controls 100% of muscle tone and balance, here lies the cause of lumbago and muscle spasms, impeding mission readiness. A.O.C.C. is non-invasion approach to keeping the spine aligned to maintain human performance or expedite healing.

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Feasibility Studies: Learn the answers for what, why and how!

Hoffman Leakey Architects (2020)

Every Feasibility Study is unique with specific deliverables based upon the client’s needs and budget. All are designed to provide you with the fundamental tools you need to move forward with your project.

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Control your indoor space: Tests 99.9 effective against COVID-19

Heartline Fitness (2020)

Learn from fitness innovators how to protection your designed spaces with Atmos Air Solutions. The patented bi-polar ionization (BPI), HVAC technology is the only product capable of cleaning the air within the space, no need to wait for recirculation.

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Other Sources

Helping health system employees foster positive self-care regardless of size: Results of a pilot program

Beaumont Health, Salveo Partners, & Am I Hungry (2018)

Three organizations, seven researchers analyze the data and take a different approach to corporate wellness weight loss programs focusing on healthy behaviors at any size. Learn about the five principles of “The Health at Every Size” (HAES) philosophy shown to improve people’s health, minimize weight cycling and negative consequences that often follow participation in weight focused programs.

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The cost of mental illness in the workplace: An innovative solution

BCS Essentialcare (2019)

One in five adults will experience a mental illness in any given year in the U.S. with nearly five percent of all American experiencing a “severe mental illness” that impacts their daily lives and abilities. Its reported 46% of adults will meet the criteria for a diagnosable health condition sometime in their life creating an impact on individuals and families. The vulnerability in the workplace is assessed at $210.5 billion per year for mental health conditions.

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The transformation physician leader

CTI Leadership (2019)

Learn about key competencies and behaviors that physician leaders are encouraged and expected to demonstrate on a consistent basis for a clinical team, organization, culture or community. These are organized into four domains: Leading Self, Leading with Strategy, Leading People and Leading for Results.

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Warrior pose: Building readiness through resilience – yoga and meditation

Joint Special Operations University (2019)

This paper addresses the need for yoga, systemic relaxation and meditation programs for joint forces and veterans and as a part of a comprehensive national security framework. Commanders believe the most powerful weapon is the Soldiers mind itself. As more units adapt these cost-conscious measures and can share results of improved readiness and resilience the joint force can increase its capabilities of identifying and defeating adversaries and protecting America’s vital interests. Learn about resources and results currently available.

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The learning imperative: Why should learning be at the heart of your talent strategy?

O’Reilly (2017)

Karen Herbert-Maccaro explains adults learn best when they are solving problems, engaging with others, monitoring their own learning and doing so across home, work and recreational settings. However, learning never stops at one and done endeavor, nor is it a one-size fits all. Using the Professional Skills Development Framework lays outs the needs of learners change as they gain proficiency and pass the point of structural literacy (systematic mastery of more complex material).

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121 Employee wellness program ideas for your office


Designing a wellness program to engage employees can be a daunting task. Establishing a wellness committee, conducting a needs assessment and gaining input from employees has been shown to have a positive effect in a company’s culture. This white paper provides several ideas for programs and services to consider in determining what employees value most.

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What makes interests so interesting: K-12

VitaNavis (2018)

The VitaNavis platform offers students and career counselors a method of engagement to explore a student’s passion for pursuing a career that matter most to them. Backed by decades of research, powered by an approachable interface and a network of supplementary resources, the Myers-Briggs Company, sets the standard in helping students assess, “What do I want to do in the world of work?”

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