The mandala is a circular-shaped object symbolizing unity, or wholeness. People and organizations utilizing the Wellness 7.0 tool become aware of how to change.
Assessing needs, creating a holistic integrated strategy creates the desired results.

Understanding the Seven Dimensions of Wellness


In 1918, the Journal of the American Medical Association wrote, “Military, Public and Industry: We must get our arms around addiction!” Over 100 years later, how are we doing? If one studies science, we know that medicine is set up to react to causes of disease, acute [sudden] emergencies and more.

In 1466, Desiderius Erasmus stated, “Prevention is better than cure”. Who wants to go through illness to get back to excellent health? Looking back on wellness practices 2,500 years ago we find the answers. Wellness 7.0 supports individuals, organizations, military readiness and physicians.

Mission Readiness

TEAM2XL demonstrates the expertise of nine small businesses to support the mission readiness of U.S. Armed Services through Integration, Governance and Human Performance. CONUS, OCONUS

Our Approach

Companies work individually or collectively dependent upon a request. In building the warfighter, a variety of factors must be in place to assess holistic health and fitness.

Our People

As known creators of Health & Fitness innovations, we have organized our proven systems of human performance with the appropriate rigor and relevance having worked with the military over three decades. Personnel are degreed and/or licensed in respective fields.

Our Design Thinking

TEAM2XL can help best by solving your problem with known evidence-based solutions.


  • Commercial design and build
  • Use GSA and CDC FitWel healthy building solution
  • Government and Training Facilities | Field Houses, MWRs
  • Feasibility Studies

Customized Fitness Spaces

  • Design & Consulting
  • Solutions specific to facility fitness training zones
  • Choose equipment & accessories from 50 industry known vendors
  • Customized kits for home or deployment use
  • COVID-19 Defense

Digital Integration

  • System Engineering
  • Agile/Ops
  • Cloud Development
  • Business Processes
  • Financial Management
Corinth Consulting Group

Human Performance

  • Customized health & wellness programs
  • Target populations (proactive, active and reactive)
  • Courses: mindset, spirituality, mindfulness, corrective exercise
  • Relevant for Master Trainers, Physical Leaders, Personnel
  • Online & On-site


  • Pain Management
  • Musculoskeletal Injury
  • Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic Care
  • Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
  • Physical Therapy
  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractor Care

Military Education

  • Supporting Degree Completion
  • Online Degrees | 60 transferable credits
  • Accredited | Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC)
  • Customize courses & certifications
  • Owned & developed for military needs

Personnel Management

  • Human Resources
  • Human Capital
  • Career Paving
  • Training & Program Management
  • Personnel Security

Physician Leadership

  • Training & Development
  • Thought Leadership
  • Coaching | Consulting | Speaking
  • Organizational Transformation

Plant-based Nutrition

  • Scientifically proven method
  • Changes in biometric health within 10 days
  • 10-Day Jumpstart Immersion – Individuals
  • PlantPure Rx Program – Physicians
  • Online Health & Weight loss Seminars

Success is about having the right resources at the right time to eliminate gaps and improve efficiencies.

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Why are we different?

We listen and understand a client’s total well-being; then create a shared partnership in supporting your transformation. To learn more, flip the pictures below.

Learn from the Experts

Learn from the Experts

who share experiences and results from the field; licensed, degreed.

Customize Your Program

Customize your program

maybe you have a question, lifestyle goal or need a resource.

Free Resources

Free Resources

utilize the Well Links, White Papers, and Fact Sheets.

Wellness 7.0

a lifestyle customized just the way you like it — anywhere you go.

Home, Work or Travel

Home, Work or Travel

design your home office, workout studio or travel bag with the best fitness tools and equipment.

Your Budget

Your Budget

affordable programming to fit all needs.

Wellness programs are possible for any size organization and specific to personnel needs. Wellness 7.0 provides organizational options for personnel with or without on-site support. While we have categorized our support for small, midsize and large organizations, we can provide a community initiative for organizations in an industrial park or business district.

For small companies with limited budget or no onsite support:

For small companies with no onsite support, assess the needs of your employees and participate in complementary community programs. How we can help?

Have your employees participate in a needs & interest survey then analyze your results. Check resources for additional support or contact us.

For small or midsize companies with some budget, some resources:

For small or midsize companies with some resources look to what programs and services the insurance company provides or complementary community programs, while supplementing with other onsite resources. How can we help?

Have your employees participate in a needs & interest survey then analyze your results. Check resources for additional support or contact us.

For large companies with budget for a comprehensive program:

For large companies with onsite resources providing comprehensive programs and services, Wellness 7.0 can support with developing or adding to your personnel needs through the following customized programs and services:

  • Gap analysis
  • Marketing and branding of the program
  • Customizing a wellness solution
  • Wellness center design and equipment
  • On-site occupational clinics
  • Ergonomic and safety initiatives
  • Employee assistance needs

Wellness 7.0 Rx services support physician groups in helping patients achieve optimal well-being through Lifestyle Choices and Natural Means.

In our experience, patients are interested in having a one source solution for health and well-being. Care should be a shared partnership. While physicians make the critical decisions in care, other providers can provide support for overall well-being.

Wellness 7.0 Rx – Where Wellness Integrates with Medicine.

Our process is to understand a physician group’s patient population, provide preventive programs and patient coaching online. Personnel are subject matter experts, degreed and/or licensed and have NPIs. Programs are designed specific to the physician group’s request for patient care.

Seek to Understand Physician Group Populations

Provide Preventive Programs to Balance Patient Care

Coaching for Personalized Patient Care

Shared partnerships improve well-being and support patient care across the wellness continuum.

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