Helping Clients Create Sustainable Change

Organizations that work through strategic business assessments and planning processes or voluntarily participate in peer-review accreditations create sustainable change. They have these answers:

What is our purpose?
Why should we create employee-centered cultures?
How do we outperform our market?

Consulting & Support Services

By understanding the client’s goal, D Group customizes the appropriate resources within a specified budget to achieve measured results. Bottom Line Solution–improves organizational performance and enhances client satisfaction.

For Business and Industry

Human Resources

D Group believes Human Resources is a profit center and supports HR clients with:

  • research studies, surveys, or assessments
  • wellness initiatives ahead of health benefit plans
  • human capital planning and career pathing
  • cultural change and employee engagement
Strategic Assessments

D Group assesses a client’s administration support/facility, innovative programming, market brand, partners/resources, measured against industry evidence-based scorecards; then presents these findings.

Standardizing Operations

D Group develops business plans complete with budgets, program plans, special events, and marketing initiatives. Provides key personnel with operations management training if needed.

Proposal Management

D Group assists with the capture market and provides management support to include subject matter experts, technical writers, proposal coordination and cost analysis.

For Education and Training


D Group supports academia and industry with readiness to achieve a specified accrediting credential. Process includes completing a Self-Evaluation Report (SER), preparing for site visits and being compliant with current standards.


D Group conducts a job task analysis, develops curriculum and exams using subject matter experts. We support pilot programs, course reviews and continuous improvement processes.

Writing Protocols

D Group writes clear processes and procedures for business or studies.

Grant Procurements

D Group provides consultation services to multidisciplinary faculty members or human resource groups to strengthen grant proposals by way of improved design, scientific method, collaboration, letters of endorsement, while obtaining the funding goals to support the client’s overall mission.