Connecting with Breath and Moving Mindfully (Online)

Online | 90 mins | 100 Participants



Overview: The idea of connecting our breath and moving mindfully may be new to you. Learning to control the breath is an essential and integral part of mind-body practice. Pilates and Yoga involve uniting the mind, body, and breath together. Breathing is literally mastery for human performance. Proper movement of the diaphragm is critical to stimulate improved function of multiple body systems (e.g., muscle, hormone, nervous).

In this session we will discuss the necessity of proper breathing and demonstrate the simplicity of mindful movement, so anyone can enjoy the relaxation and restoration benefits. Success for this program is to join, move, and breathe. 

  • Learn the necessity of proper breathing techniques.
  • Apply the impact of matching movement and breath.
  • Realize how mindful movement can be introduced in daily life or any mind-body practice.

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Target Audience

All personnel




90 Minutes

Max Participants

100 Participants