Leon “Lee” Schimmelfing has been involved in education, leadership, and wellness for over 30 years, with a variety of roles in corporations, private organizations, and universities.

As a leader and educator, he has developed experiential curriculum to integrate classroom learning and application to practical, real-world experiences.  Thus, creating positive learning environments and confident, successful students.

Lee has worked with privately held companies including Fitness Systems, Fidelity and Trustmark. He has consulted on projects, usually focused around the topics of wellness and optimal health, while working with professionals in the Benefits, HR, Medical and Workplace Resources/Facilities areas.

Lee’s leadership with new business development and innovative programming has helped change the culture of organizations. His process is engaging multi-functional teams to reach common goals; hire and train staff of high-performing teams, while achieving new goals.

Lee’s relationship-building and communication skills, as well as his approach lends themselves well in a training environment. His high-quality standards and commitment to excellence help him to talk-the-talk and walk-the-walk. He is versatile in his delivery and communication styles – which enables him to elicit the best results from those with whom he works.

Service Honors. The People Company of Japan honored Lee for leading business growth and financial success in the field of U.S. Corporate Fitness Management. He received a Lifetime Service Award by the Association for Fitness in Business. Lee also managed a corporate fitness program that was recognized by Health Fitness Corporation as the best program in the country in 2007.

His Roots. Family is where Lee’s roots are firmly planted. He had excellent role models growing up – from parents and grandparents, scout leaders and teachers. He believes that family support, love and involvement is a key to long-term happiness. His wife of 40+ years, 4 children, and 3 grandchildren are important anchors in his life.

His Mission. To keep a sense of adventure and experience life to the fullest. To have fun, laugh – and make others laugh, and encourage, support others in their quest for optimal health.